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Jennings County, Indiana

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Feel free to use our new repeater at 442.975 PL Tone 103.5.

We will be handling communications for the 2012 Annual Airport Awareness Day at the North Vernon Municipal Airport between 7am-6pm on Saturday, August 11th. Come visit our table and watch us in action! Please contact Gene Dolgner KC9RLC at for more information or if you'd like to participate.

Our next JCARC monthly meeting will be Thursday, Aug 2, 2012 at 7pm at the Jennings County Public Library, near the JayC's between State Highway 3 & 7, on the north side of North Vernon, IN. All interested in amateur radio are welcome to attend. Yearly dues are $12.

JCARC sponsors a weekly net on simplex frequency 147.585 each Monday evening at 8:30pm.

All questions with regards to the Jennings County ARC or Amateur Radio in general should be directed to Dwight Spaulding N9PGB at

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JCARC President: Dwight Spaulding N9PGB
JCARC Vice President: Gene Dolgner KC9RLC
JCARC Secretary & Treasurer: Jerry Rawlinson N9JWR
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Jennings Co ARES EC: Gene Dolgner KC9RLC
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Jennings Co RACES Officer: Dwight Spaulding N9PGB
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