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Our Repeater site is up and running at our fantastic new location on the WWWY tower in Scipio Indiana.

Approx 900 feet above sea level !

Feel free to give it a try : 442.975 PL Tone 103.5.

UPDATE 10-01-2015

Thanks to the generosity of Lou, N7BBW and Bill, KC9TQN from Clark County,

These fine gentlemen exhibit the TRUE spirit of Amateur Radio!

The 145.25 Fusion Repeater is on the air. No PL tone.

Check out our Mobile coverage area!











This project has been entirely self-funded.

For details on how you can help us provide wide area communications coverage to South Central Indiana

Please Email for more information or if you'd like to participate.

Any questions with regards to the Jennings County ARC or Amateur Radio in general should be directed to




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                                                                 JCARC President: Gene Dolgner KC9RLC
                                                                 JCARC Vice President: Jerry Rawlinson N9JWR
                                                                 JCARC Secretary: Curt Scheifinger WB9USX

                                                                 JCARC Treasurer:  Randy Poynter KB9EFN

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